Introduction of an employee

Current employees introduce their work at CAST Co., Ltd.

Since information depends completely on human resources, it's important to train personnel.

Since information depends
completely on human resources,
it's important to train personnel.

Head of the Information Service Management Division,
Information Group, Information Department
Joined the company in 1999

Work system

Day shift (9:00 - 17:30)
Two days off for every five days worked

Daily schedule

(9:00 - 17:30)

Arrangements with the person in charge of site management
Handling of visitors, etc.
Documentation, personnel management, etc.
Arrangements with affiliates, in-house meetings, etc.
End of work

Description of your current job

Information services are contracted from building management companies. I mainly undertake services to support the staff, including services related to service contracts, adjustments for their operations, the management of the environment and the onsite staff work, recruitment, and budget management.

What do you find rewarding or important about your job?

I try to enjoy my work. Of course, I sometimes have a hard time and need to take responsibility. I think it's better to enjoy one's work hours, which account for one third of the day. In that sense, I think the atmosphere of the information division and the cheerful staff and services that involve communication with people suit me. As a result, I've been working for the division for a long time.
Since information depends completely on human resources, it's very important to train personnel. When I see new employees who I've trained become able to work independently and take charge of new employee training a few years later, I feel that what I've taught has been passed down to the next generation. I'm delighted at the thought of my successors sharing this feeling in the future.

Please talk about when you entered the company.

I chose this job because I'd wanted to be in the hospitality business ever since childhood and I was fascinated by airplanes and airports. I'm managing workers instead of dealing directly with customers, but I try to make the most of the knowledge I've acquired since I joined the company, the communiction skills I've fostered by dealing with customers, and my understanding of the feelings of the workers on site.
I'd imagined information services to involve pleasant interactions with customers, but the reality has been completely different. I was surprised by the fact that promptness is required in many cases. I've learned that the information provided needs to be tailored to the situation of the customer. The job isn't easy, but it's interesting. Because it's challenging, I enjoy a sense of accomplishment when I do it well.

Please discuss an unforgettable episode at work.

With the opening of the international terminal, I took charge of the three new information counters and lounges and I was involved in preparations from the outset. I had to make repeated arrangements for information counter equipment with cooperating companies, and I had to draft manuals covering new services. I was busy every day, but when the international terminal finally opened, I felt I'd helped to make that happen with all the staff, and I felt confident about my work. I feel that my experience when the international terminal opened has been very helpful when I engage in the establishment and relocation of information counters whenever the terminal is rennovated.

Message from the employee

The job you want to do isn't always the job that suits you. I first wanted to work for an airline. Information services are slightly different from what I'd aimed for. But once I started doing the job, I found it appealing, and I'm sticking with it.
The important thing is what you do in the company, rather than which company you join.
I've met lots of people since I started working. Thanks to the support from people around me, I gain inspiration and learn so such every day.