Introduction of an employee

Current employees introduce their work at CAST Co., Ltd.

Passenger group, Passenger Service Department. Head of the Passenger Service Division

I encourage my team to grow,
and I watch over them.

Passenger group, Passenger Service Department
Head of the Passenger Service Division
Joined the company in 2010

Work system

Day shift (9:00 - 17:30)
Two days off for every five days worked

Daily schedule

(9:00 - 17:30)

Confirmation of operation status and schedule
Briefing (international flights)
In-house meeting
Briefing(domestic flights)
Participation in the monthly meeting with airlines
Adjustments, meetings, etc. with airlines (staffing and shift adjustments)
End of work

Description of your current job

I mainly engage in adjustments with client airlines and manage nearly 90 passenger staff members as a person in charge of passenger services for airlines handling domestic flights.
I make adjustments of staff involved in new handling services, such as the selection of instructors, and adjust specific methods of actual handling in accordance with the regulations of airlines through discussions with the persons responsible at these airlines, in order to ensure smooth operations.

What do you find rewarding or important about your job?

It's hard to make preparations for newly operating airlines, but I feel rewarded when I see the first flight depart smoothly.
I also feel fulfilled when I see personal growth in the staff, such as when new employees expand their scope of service to gradually become team leaders.

Please talk about when you entered the company.

I've been involved in ground handling services from the start. I had some difficulties in establishing the passenger division, as I had to draft the manuals from scratch.
I had some concerns about the ground handling of CAST before service started, partly because there'd been the huge earthquake, but I felt confident when the first international flight took off.

Please discuss an unforgettable episode at work.

Procedures for handling newly operating airlines were completed only after days and days of fine tuning. The period soon after the launch was a busy time, with delays, cancellations and other irregularities. But I clearly remember that every section cooperated to handle the situation. I had days of trial and error until I became able to calmly provide handling services, but the experience from that time certainly helped each member of the staff involved in the launch.

Message from the employee

Teamwork is important for this job.
Although there are things I can't do smoothly by myself, I feel rewarded whenever I see an airplane take off safely on time thanks to the cooperation of my immediate co-workers and workers in other sections.
The company has an environment where workers make efforts and display their full potential, as senior workers are always watching over you.
It's the kind of workplace where you grow with others by providing handling services as part of a team.