Introduction of an employee

Current employees introduce their work at CAST Co., Ltd.

Passenger Group, Passenger Service Department. Chief of the Passenger Service Division

It's a rewarding workplace,
where good ideas are actively
put into practice.

Passenger Group, Passenger Service Department
Chief of the Passenger Service Division
Joined the company in 2012

Work system

Work in shifts between 6:00 and 23:00(domestic flights)
Two (or one) days off for every four days worked

Daily schedule

(12:30 to 21:00 for the late shift)

Preparation for flights on the next day
Work as a person responsible for designated flights
Work at the end of the late shift
(e.g., money-related work, preparation for handover)
End of work

Description of your current job

I manage the departure and arrival processes of domestic flights and work as an instructor for newly operating airlines.
After passengers get off the airplane, I record the fueling, cleaning and other work processes, manage time and give instructions near the airplane to ensure its on-time departure, and I communicate with related parties in the event of delays or other irregularities.
I receive education from newly operating airlines so that I can provide education to employees of our company. I develop plans for providing education on airline regulations, work procedures, the appearance of workers and other matters, and I manage practical on-site training.

What do you find rewarding or important about your job?

I was delighted to see an employee I'd instructed become a reliable worker with seniority.

Please talk about when you entered the company.

I was impressed to see workers working with vigor and enthusiasm.
I had some concerns soon after I joined the company, because special knowledge was often required and there was much I didn't know, but I studied every day with the support of experienced workers and made the most of the English I'd learned in school.

Please discuss an unforgettable episode at work.

Although patrons are likely to be stressed and worried at the airport in winter because of the many cancellations, delays and other irregularities, some customers have thanked me for my help.
It's hard for the staff to grasp the situation when there are irregularities, but this made me determined to understand the feelings of customers and to serve them even more attentively.

Message from the employee

I think it's a rewarding workplace, one that allows me to do the things I want to do and that enables new ideas to be put into practice.
Although there are many difficulties, I can enjoy personal growth while helping other employees of my generation.