Introduction of an employee

Current employees introduce their work at CAST Co., Ltd.

Passenger Group, Passenger Service Department. Passenger Service Division

I attentively serve patrons,
so as to leave them with
wonderful memories of their trip.

Passenger Group, Passenger Service Department
Passenger Service Division
Joined the company in 2013

Work system

Work in shifts between 6:00 and 23:00(international flights)
Two (or one) days off for every four days worked

Daily schedule

(9:00 - 17:00 for the mid-shift)

Confirmation of communications, handover, etc. for international flights
Confirmation in advance and reporting of designated flights
Handling of passengers on international flights
Handling of passengers on one or two international flights
Completion of work for the designated flight
End of work

Description of your current job

Most of my work involves passenger handling.
I start by confirming details of the designated flight in advance, then I manage its arrival and departure and summarize the day's work.
I believe communication among the team members is necessary in my work.
Practical skills are acquired through experience. I make efforts to improve the team's capabilities.

What do you find rewarding or important about your job?

It's rewarding for me to engage in passenger handling, as it's related to the operations of large passenger airplanes.
I attentively serve patrons, so as to leave them with happy memories of their trip. A flight that's an everyday routine to me could well be a once-in-a-lifetime journey for them.

Please talk about when you entered the company.

When I joined the company, I worked part time for three years, as I was also focusing on raising children.
I did have some concerns about balancing family life and work life, but the workplace seemed very cheerful and the people seemed to get along well, so I chose to work full time.
Now I work hard with the cooperation of my family and others around me.

Please discuss an unforgettable episode at work.

All jobs have risks. This industry is greatly affected by the weather.
I've been in the industry for nearly ten years, including my previous job, and I've never seen anything worse than the three-day paralysis of operations in December 2016.
But after working hard with my team, I had an overwhelming sense of achievement. It was a very fruitful experience in the sense of improving the capabilities of a team that I treasure.

Message from the employee

The joy of hospitality service comes from the smiles of customers.
If I serve customers attentively, they thank me with a smile, which encourages me to try even harder.
I have two children. Until my younger child entered elementary school, I focused on raising my kids.
Now I work full-time, and the time I spend with my family has actually decreased. But I place more importance on spending days off with all my family, and I've changed the pace of my life.
My life depends on the cooperation of my family. My greatest strength comes from my kids, who encourage me by saying I'm cool.