Introduction of an employee

Current employees introduce their work at CAST Co., Ltd.

インフォメーション本部 インフォメーショングループ インフォメーションサービス課

I work with the awareness
"I am what I sell."

Information group, Information Department
Information Service Division
Joined the company in 2014

Work system

Work in shifts between 6:20 and 23:00
Two (or one) days off for every four days worked

Daily schedule

(6:20 to 14:50 for the early shift)

Information center service
(e.g., telephone information, announcement, radio appearance)
Information counter service
Patrol in the terminal building
In-house training (e.g., English lesson, sign language lesson)
Preparation of business documents
End of work

Description of your current job

I engage in information counter services, handling phone calls at the information center, making announcements and radio broadcastings, and patrolling the building in accordance with a schedule called the "assignment table".
I also belong to a group that prepares information materials, and I prepare maps used at the counters and a list of goods sold at shops.
Since we also serve non-Japanese customers, English speaking skills are necessary.

What do you find rewarding or important about your job?

I work with the awareness "I am what I sell."
Information services are not about selling goods. My information is the only service I provide to patrons.
It's a lot of responsibility, but I feel that the patrons are satisfied with my information.
In addition to expanding my knowledge of information services, I pay attention to my appearance, impression and language.

Please talk about when you entered the company.

The actual work isn't different from what I'd imagined, as I'd seen the workplace at the briefing session before joining the company and I'd heard about it from alumnae of my university.
However, an extraordinary amount of knowledge is necessary, so I had to study every day after joining the company.
I managed to overcome difficulties, thanks to the support of my superiors and co-workers.

Please discuss an unforgettable episode at work.

My first day at the counter in uniform after finishing the training period is still fresh in my memory.
I felt fulfilled by finishing the training and accepting the responsibility of working as an information staff member.
Whenever I go to the counter where I worked by myself for the first time, the memory of that day comes back to me.
Thank-you's from patrons always touch my heart.

Message from the employee

Working in information services makes you the "face" of Hokkaido.
Join our company if you're interested in a job related to Hokkaido and in interacting with lots of people.
If you're interested, be sure to visit the airport to see how we work.